hp customer supportA slow printer that takes a lot of time to print a particular document can actually affect the business and agitate the user. If you need to print a lot of documents and invoices and you find that for one print the printer is taking several amount of time; then it is important to get your printer checked so that the speed can increase.

It is true that not only the older versions of printer but also the latest versions of the printer may struggle to give printouts. This can be caused due to certain things such as the poor quality of ink cartridge that you are using, improper settings, out of date printer driver and wireless printer connection. Even though the issue may look annoying; it can be resolved easily by following the mellow mentioned simple trouble shooting steps:

  • If you are using a wireless printer, then the speed can be a little slower that the wired connection. This can be caused due to the interference in the wireless connection. The best way to speed up the connection is to make sure that there are no electrical gadgets or cordless telephones placed between the computer, printer and router. ¬†However, even after this, if the speed still continues to be slower, then you can get the printer connected with a cable and see if it makes any change.
  • It is better to print in black and white unless you need the colored printouts. Colored printouts take a little bit of more time that the black and white ones.
  • Instead of high quality mode option, choose the draft or the normal option for printing. This can speed up the printing process drastically.
  • If you are sending multiple jobs to the print spool server at the same time; then the disk drives writes and deletes data very often. Instead you can use a devoted disk drive for spooling.
  • Print jobs characteristically grow several times in size when they are supplied, so this problem can occur when several print jobs are submitted for spooling at the same time. Therefore, increase the space of the print server hard disk.
  • Do not print the pages that you do not require as this can unnecessarily increase the costs as well as reduces the speed of the printer.
  • Make sure that the original ink cartridges are only used. Even though the compatible ink cartridges may look tempting because of their prices but in reality they can actually cause the printer to slow down.

Apart from all these tips, the experts at hp customer support states that in order to ensure that the printer gives the best performance, make sure that the printer is used on a regular basis. A printer that is not used on a daily basis can cause slower connections.

Even after following all these tips, if the printer speed is still the same, then contact the hp tech support team so that they can provide you with the right solution.

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