Today, printers are considered as one of the most essential computer hardware. Establishments use printers to keep record of official papers, negotiations, legitimate documents etc., for use in the future. In spite of the availability of soft copies, the importance of the hard copies cannot be denied.


Today, the use of mobile device in order to print has become quite popular as this is more convenient. While the smartphones today are fast replacing the desktops and laptops but they do come with a lot of challenges as per printing is considered. The users often complain of the difficulties that they face when using the print option from mobile device.

This problem can be solved by following the simple troubleshooting steps or by contacting the technicians at hp support phone number. Listed below are the simple troubleshooting steps for printing using the mobile device:

  • Turn off the printer, wait for few seconds and turn it on once again and ensure that the status and Wi-Fi lights are steady green.
  • Restart the mobile device and reboot the router; this should ideally help in getting the printing done.
  • If the problem still persists try to use a different mobile device or a PC by installing the machine on that device and printing. If this allows printing then it can be an issue with the device; however, if after following these troubleshooting steps you are still unable to print then get in touch with the tech support professionals on hp support phone number.

In addition to this one can download the Google Cloud Print or Apple AirPrint as this facilitates printing from the mobile device wirelessly. Together, Google Cloud Print and Apple’s AirPrint, as well as the numerous printer manufacturers’ mobile printing apps give the users a lot of ways to produce a hard copy document from the smartphone or tablet when required or needed. Experts say that printing using a mobile device is difficult than with the USB lead or a network cable. Even though the mobile devices today act like computers only, but still they lack the benefits that the computers usually offer. However, by setting up the mobile device and by powering on the printer correctly one can avail the benefits of getting print using the mobile device.

Even though wireless connection to printer from mobile device is at present a bit of an issue because of complicated processes and technologies, things are refining, and procedures such as NFC and WPS setup can assist in providing ad hoc connections with merely a couple of button presses. In addition, when printing using mobile device make sure that printers and the mobile devices are compatible with the app.

Thus, with the help of the above given simple troubleshooting steps one can fix the problem of printing using the mobile device.

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