Printers have both advantages and disadvantages. When it stops working properly you may face various troubles. In that case you need to try to resolve those issues on your own. If you are unable then you can contact tech support team.

Lexmark printer problems

Technical support team can help you to resolve these below mentioned lexmark printer problems:

  • Print quality related problem
  • Paper feeding problems
  • Other printing problems

To resolve any kind of printer related issues, first you need to ensure that the printer is properly turned on and all the power connection is correctly plugged in. Also you should check whether the power supply is working properly. Next you need to make sure that the printer cable is properly connected with the computer. If everything looks fine, but still printer is giving trouble you must understand that troubleshooting procedures should be applied.

Below mentioned are the lexmark printer problems and troubleshooting methods of those problems:

  • When the margin in the print is not correct, you need to check the paper setting in your printer driver.
  • If the printer is printing from a wrong tray, you should check the paper type and paper source settings in the printer driver.
  • When your printouts are not properly aligned, you need to check and change the settings from your printer driver.
  • If your printer is not recognizing papers but the paper tray is full. You should make sure the printer is on the drawer properly and that both sides of the printer are lined up with the drawer. Also you should check whether the multipurpose feeder is connected correctly. You should also configure your printer properly to get rid of this problem.
  • If you are getting continuous message that your print cartridge is empty though you have installed a new cartridge.  You need to re-install the ink cartridge as may be the previous install procedure was incomplete.
  • If your printer is printing low quality prints which have several unusual lines and colors, you should check whether the print head is correctly placed. Also you should quickly clean your print head to remove jams in the print head. If still the printer is printing poor quality prints you must contact with tech support team as they can better guide you in this matter.
  • If you have installed a new ink cartridge and still the print quality is too poor, you should run a long cleaning procedure for print heads.
  • When you remove paper tray to refill it, the paper may jam into the paper tray. Then you should remove the tray again and reinsert it properly after refilling the papers again.
  • If you have cleaned up the paper jam once but still you are getting paper jam error messages, you should clean up the paper tray inlet or path.

These troubleshooting methods will surely help you regarding your printer related problems. If you are unable to understand the problems you may contact tech support team as they can provide better solutions which will surely help you to resolve any kind of printer related issue.

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