Android or computer viruses are dangerous thing as it can damage a system and also help hackers to hack into an account easily. That is why you need to be more preventive while using your android device.


Also you should install anti-virus software to avoid virus attacks. In such case you can contact on norton support phone number to understand which anti-virus will be helpful for your device. Also they can guide you how to protect your android device from virus infection.

How you can stop android virus to infect your device?

By following these mentioned steps you can prevent your device from being attacked by android virus:

  • When you install an app, viruses may enter into your device system and can harm your device. That is why you need to be more careful while downloading an app. If you are not sure about the authenticity of a website you should not download from there. Also you should always use original app store for downloading different apps. If you download from the original site your device will be automatically configured to prevent viruses.
  • Also you can go through some steps to make sure that accidentally any malware has not been installed through the installation of an app. You should right away open the Settings menu and then look for the Security option. Now disable the option which allows installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Android viruses generally get installed when you use third-party apps. That is why you need to put your android device in a safe mode to remove virus. To active safe mode you should press the power button and then press and hold power off to bring up an option to restart the device in “Safe mode”. Also you can search online if this procedure is not working for your device. You should search by your device’s model number.
  • Also you may need to remove the administrator status of the device and then should uninstall the affected app. After doing this if still the problem remains you should reset the device to its factory version. This can help eliminate the virus.

If your device has been already affected by malware you can contact on norton support phone number to understand which steps they should follow to remove that malware:

  • You need to open the Settings menu and choose the App which is infecting your device.
  • Now tap on that malicious app to open the “App info” page, then click Uninstall button. If still the problem remains you need to restart your device.
  • Mostly those apps can be deleted easily. But sometimes you may not be able to click on the uninstall button. In that case you need exit the app and the tap on the settings. Then find out the “Device Administrators”. Now you can find a list of apps with administrator status.
  • Now click on the box which is next to the app you want to remove
  • Now you need to click on “Deactivate”.
  • Now you can return to the apps menu page and remove that malicious app.

By following these steps you can remove malicious apps easily and simply.

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