Email errors are quite common; however, they can be solved easily with the right knowledge and guidance.


The email error messages can be classified into three groups such as:

  • User Error Messages
  • Anti-Spam Error Messages
  • Domain Error Messages

Before knowing how to fix the email error messages it is important to understand the classifications of the error messages.

The used error message may include messages like ‘mailbox is full’ or ‘improper forwarding causing mail loop’, ‘Message exceeds size limit’ and ‘User unknown or Mailbox unavailable or invalid recipient’ etc. If the sky email problems today show used error message that states, ‘mailbox is full’ then this can be fixed by doing the following things:

  • Removing the old messages from the server to make additional space in the mailbox
  • Deleting the mails from the mailbox by keeping a backup of the mails

In case of ‘Message exceeds size limit’ error, the user should try to reduce the size of the email, or try to divide the email into smaller parts and then try to send it again. If you receive an invalid recipient error message, make sure that the email id is correct. Thus, the user error messages can be resolved easily.

The domain error messages may include error messages such as ‘Connection timed out or Connection Refused’ or ‘domain not found’.

  • The Connection timed out or Connection Refused error message can occur when there is high volume of mail that is being managed. In such scenario, the user just needs to wait for the problem to get solved and then the mail can be send once again. In addition, the user need to make sure that he or she is connected to the internet and make sure that the email account settings are correct.
  • In case of ‘domain not found’ error it indicates that the domain name has been misspelled. These errors usually get resolved with time but at times; they may require assistance from the tech support experts.

If the sky email problems today show anti-spam error messages; this may indicate that on a blacklist the provider’s domain name is clearly listed as an identified spammer. In this scenario, the email provider will need to contact the system administrator to get the block removed, so that the user can contact the provider immediately.

In addition to all these error messages, occasionally the SMTP server may return a specific error message. The problem is that it will usually be very puzzling, such as “Try again later” or “Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable”.

In the above mentioned scenarios, the user should double check all the email configurations as well as the settings. However, if the problems still persist then the best option to get the problem solved is to contact the SMTP service provider to get the situation fixed.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that in case of any email error messages or codes; one should follow the above mentioned tips to get the problem fixed.

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