Seiko Epson Corporation, now famous as Epson, is amongst the largest manufacturers of printers in the world. With its headquarters in Japan, Epson has subsidies all over the globe including UK, US, and Europe. The company manufactures different types of printers such as laser printers, inkjet printers, and dot-matrix printers. The idea of manufacturing printers by the company was enforced when Epson was appointed as the authorized timekeeper for the 1964 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. The company needed a printing timer to time events and thus, they started developing an electronic printer. Ep-101 was the world’s first mini-printer which was produced by the company in 1968. Epson released its first high resolution color inkjet printer in 1994.


Here is a list of some common issues and their solutions for epson printers troubleshooting:

  • Printer not printing – One of the most common problems a customer can encounter with a printer is that it doesn’t print. First, ensure that the printer is properly connected. Second, check if you have the required drivers and software installed for the printer to work. If all of these are taken care of and the printer still refuses to work, seek help of a technician.
  • Print command doesn’t work from a mobile device – These days, almost all printers have the facility of being accessed by a mobile device such as phone, iPad, laptop, etc, a feature known as Air Print in iOS. To ensure smooth operation of printers over wireless network, ensure that the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi connection, the printing app is updated, and that the internet meets the minimum speed requirement.
  • Paper jamming – The second most common concern that often arises with a printer is that of paper jamming. This can happen due to just a simple misalignment of sheets in the paper tray of the printer. Cancel the current print job, open the tray, align the sheets properly, pull out the jammed sheet, place the tray back into the printer, and give the print command again.
  • Multifunctional printer issues – When a printer is assigned to do just more than printing, it can have certain concerns time to time. For example, a MFP may print totally fine but have troubles with scanning. This can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and software. If the problem isn’t fixed, refer to the user manual or call a technician.
  • Warning lights for ink replacement – When the warning lights blink, check the ink cartridge. If they feel empty, it’s time for a refill or a new ink cartridge. If the ink cartridge is new, try taking it out and fitting it again properly. If the problem still persists, calling a technical support executive would be a good idea.

Apart from the ones mentioned before, Epson UK also offers Label Makers and large format printers. One can find a complete list of their products on the website. A customer can also register their product online, check the available warranty and the warranty guidelines, return an order if they are not satisfied, find the nearest dealer, or post a query on their website.


Epson, being one of the most popular names for printers in the UK and worldwide, is an excellent choice for customers looking for high-quality printers as well as great customer service.

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