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Top Benefits of Email (electronic mail):

In the past, you had to invest a great deal of time, energy and money to reach the majority business customers. With the advent of email or electronic mail service, your way of doing business has evolved a lot. You may sometimes get annoyed with the large volume of emails that you receive on a daily basis. However, you cannot deny the positive impact created by email on your business. It gives a cutting edge competition to other popular methods of communication. Some important benefits that you can get by using an email are:

  • It can be managed easily.
  • It is extremely effective.
  • It is fast the mail can be delivered instantly.
  • It stands for secure and reliable transmission.
  • It is easy to filter as it gives priority to messages.
  • It is less expensive compared to faxes, telephone calls etc.

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Most common email mistakes:

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In the modern times, too many emails are used every day for communication purposes. Undoubtedly, email is one of the most efficient and powerful communication tools. But you may find emails overloaded with messages. It is an easy and quick way to remain connected with your customers, team members and stakeholders. However, it is also very easy to damage your reputation or impression with ineffective emails. Here is a quick list of some popular email mistakes that people often makes while sending mails.

  • Hitting the option “Reply All”
  • Using inappropriate tone
  • Writing extra details
  • Not reviewing
  • Sending mail to wrong person
  • Writing vague subject lines

How to avoid making email mistakes:

  • Reread and review your emails prior to sending them
  • Think carefully while using cc and bcc and “reply all”
  • Determine the time spending on communication by emails.