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Live-tech 365 is the best quality tech service resolution center where we troubleshoot any kind of computer, printer and email related issues by providing authentic customer support and services. We have a pool of efficient tech engineers who can resolve any kind of technical problems. With the state of an art designed technical helping tools, we cater to the world of technological support. It can be your laptop, browser, printer, antivirus or any of the technical devices over any operating system platforms. We provide instant support to your Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark devices or any of your favorite brands. Our team of experts will provide you with all the relevant constructive solutions. We take pride in being one of the most trusted third party when it comes to providing services, our excellent team of technicians can solve all sort of basic errors that you are facing with your devices. We are professionals, marketers and with our diverse range of solutions, we give you acute solutions to your technological glitches. Live tech 365 is not affiliated to any third-party companies mentioned here except directly stated.

Services that we vow to offer:

  • Virus and malware removals from computing devices
  • Upgradations and Optimizations for your computers
  • Complete installations process
  • Setup advice for hardware and software
  • Email issues and errors support
  • Diagnose and resolve computer software issues

Email Support And Services

Email is one among the fastest means that of communication wherever one will send or receive message instantly for several elements of the globe. It’s today wide used for private still as skilled work. So as to deal with vital work, any concern depends on email facilities to speak with their workers. We provide services for any kind of issues related to Gmail, Hotmail, ATT, and AOL.

Gmail Support :

Gmail is one of the most common and popular free messaging platforms developed and marketed by Google. It has a wide array of technical features that facilitates its users to send or receive a message in real time. However, no software is free from glitches and Gmail is also no exception. It has over 1.2 million users using Gmail all over the world. When it comes to emails, you cannot ignore its services. You may face a problem from time to time while using Gmail services. Well, you don’t have to search anywhere for acute fixes anymore because you have come to the right destination. Here at Live-tech365, we provide service to any Gmail issues.

Know how our Gmail Service Team helps :

Gmail login problemContact us to resolve your login issues. This problem can arise if your device has not been upgraded for a long time. The experts will help you with a safe login rescue option.

Forgot password or Gmail account hacked: Our tech experts will help you with Gmail password recovery.

The problem in sending or receiving emails: If you are stuck in between your important work and cannot use your Gmail services then dial our Gmail toll-free-number instantly to fix it.

Hotmail Support:

Hotmail servers millions of users with its diverse range of applications available. It provides a build in connection facility to the users to communicate faster. Despite its latest technological upgradations, the users are complaining about its problems. Our team of experts leaves no stone unturned to fix the uncountable issues.

Know how Hotmail Services Team helps:

Your Hotmail services got blocked: Call our Hotmail services team to recover your Hotmail account fast.

Error with Synchronization: Syncing issue is really troublesome at times. If you are facing any issue with Hotmail syncing then our Hotmail service team will fix it.

Problem with Hotmail Hacked accountThen our team will provide you with Hotmail password recovery solutions.

AT&T services:

AT&T is an American company that deals with telecommunication process. It was founded by Alexander Graham Bell. It caters to home phone services, wireless phone services, and phone equipment services. Its users are also facing error threats while using it. Here in our AT&T service center, our tech experts will provide all the solutions to solve any error related to the AT&T issue.

Know more about AT&T services:

AT&T email login issue: Sometimes the users of AT&T face problem while login, However tough the issue seems to appear , our tech experts will resolve it in no time.

Is an account freezing? Freezing issue is a very common issue faced by its users every day. Despite using common troubleshooting steps the issues remain intact. So whenever you face the same freezing problem contact the experts immediately.

AOL services:

AOL services is also a free web email services that have a rock hard features like unlimited storage facilities, virus and spam protection facilities, spell checker and many more. AOL can also give you unaccountable issues to deal with. If you face any errors call our Live-tech 365 help desk number to resolve it.

Printer Support and Services

Electronic gadgets have simplified our age-old paperwork process by providing high-resolution graphics print facilities. Printers are used for both businesses as well as personal use. Among many printing brands Epson, HP, Dell, Lexmark are commonly used in particular. With its wide usage, problems are also inseparable and users get frustrated if they get stuck in the middle of an important work. Call our Printer customer Support number to fix your printer related issues.

HP printer services:

HP all-in-one Deskjet printers print documents, send faxes, make copies and scan documents.  The printer manages the scanning functions with the software that is installed whenever one sets up the printer on the system software. Hewlett Packard printer is one of the most common printing devices that is also not free from glitches. If you are also facing issues then call our HP printer helpline number to fix it.

Know HP Printer issues:
  • Jamming of papers
  • Ink failure issue
  • Licking of ink from the cartridges
  • Error in connections
  • The printer doesn’t recognize the operating system
  • Substandard printing quality

Sometimes the users face the above problem and fail to fix it. It is always wise to consult the tech experts before you go for any fixes by yourself. You can damage your printer even more if you are not a technical person.

Services that we offer for HP Printer :
  • We provide a proper installation facility if you can not install your printer.
  • We will upgrade the latest drive if required.
  • Solve paper jam issue, ink failure issue, and ink leakage issue
  • Proper installation of cartridges and we also provide time to time cleaning.

Epson printer Services:

Epson printer is a Japanese printing company with multifunctional features available in it that caters to a wide range of printing needs. Though it has all the latest high quality features the problems are still being faced by its users every now and then. If you are facing issues with your Epson printer then call our Epson support number to fix it immediately.

How does the Epson customer service team help?

Printer installation problem: If you are facing any problem with the installation process then you can call our number to fix it.

Want to upgrade the printer driver: You may want to upgrade the printer driver that you have been failing to upgrade repeatedly. If you want to upgrade the printer driver then you have come to the right place.

Paper jam issue or cartridge issue: Sometimes the user faces a problem with the paper jam or cartridges issues and cannot continue with their work. This can well be addressed by the real Epson tech experts within a fraction of seconds.

Antivirus Support

In order to prevent your computer from virus threats, Antivirus protection is a must for any devices that have a connection with the internet. There are a number of antivirus software available in the market and we provide customer support to Norton, Bitdefender, McAfee and many more.

Norton Antivirus Support:

Norton antivirus protection secures your computer from virus threats like malware, spyware, adware and unwanted files. Norton Antivirus software is an anti-malware software that helps you to safeguard your online transactions.

Services that our Norton Antivirus Customer Support team provides:
  • Our team of experts helps you to install Norton Antivirus software within a quick span of time.
  • They will upgrade the latest software and device drivers to make your computer safe and secure.
  • Our experts will guide you with every troubleshooting steps to resolve Antivirus sudden stoppage.problem.

AVG Antivirus Support:

AVG Antivirus is developed by AVG technologies in the year 1992. It protects our computer from all the virus attacks. It provides a complete protection against any kind of virus threats. If you want to resolve your AVG Antivirus issue, you can call our AVG Customer support number.

Difficulties in installing AVG Antivirus? It may happen that even if you have followed proper installation steps, you are still in the middle of nowhere. In this case, you can call our AVG customer support team to resolve the issue.

Cannot find the activation key? If you can not find the activation key then we will guide you how to find it.

Why will you choose Live-tech 365 help and support team?

We are the world’s largest services provider. We are available 24*7 round the clock. You can call us at any point in time. We have live chat support facility and email chat support facility that you can opt for any time. Feel free to call our Live-tech 365 toll-free number or you can emails us enlisting all your queries. One of our tech experts will revert you back immediately.

Services that we vow to offer you:

We have a high-quality team of expert technicians. They are technically well equipped to address any kind of issues related to Gmail, Hotmail and ATT email services, HP Printers, Epson printers and Norton and avg antivirus. You will get instant result whenever you put up a query at our helpdesk number. You can seek experts help at any odd hours and our tech expert is bound to resolve any issues in real time.