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Password matters a lot to every email user. As a Gmail user I went through some awkward situation but with the help from Gmail experts I recover my account. Today I am going to share how I get access of my account when I faced “Forgot Gmail Password” Issue . I am not so internet freak so I check my email very rarely. That’s why when I opened my Gmail account after almost 7 months; I failed to recall the password. But thanks to the Gmail experts who saved me this time. First they advise me to check out certain things then they suggest to follow password recovery method.

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                                                                                  Forgot Gmail Password

When I faced “Forgot Gmail Password”, I start following password recovery method under expert supervision.

At first, I visited Gmail website. I have confusion about the website authenticity as I heard there are lots of faked websites are existing. These fake website create some other types of problems. So I ask the experts and get the proper link from them. After that, I was instructed   to click on the box ‘’ Can’t access my account’’. Next, I was instructed to click on ‘’I forgot my password’’.

Then, I clicked on ‘’reset your password’’. There I have mentioned that email id Then I need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that I typed “Captcha” Audio option is available for those who don’t read that “captcha” word. After that, I was instructed to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’. After that I was instructed to mention alternative email id. Then ‘’account info’’ page appears and I have provided some information (related to account) and finally I clicked on submit option.Thus I recovered my account when I faced Forgot Gmail Password issue.

Gmail technicians explain how I can avoid forgetting password related issue-

  • Users have to be a regular visitor firstly. In my case, I was irregular visitor so I Forgot My Gmail Password.
  • Users should not turn on the ‘’remember me’’ option.
  • Users should check the device settings while they are about to use multiple device to access Gmail account.
  • If the users are using any public desktop then they should log out from their Gmail account before leaving the place
  • Users should check browser condition, device location etc. Users need to check the browser condition, if it’s still a supportive browser or not. Sometimes it got outdated and prevents the users from opening their account. So if needed, users need to upgrade the browser. If they don’t know how to do this, they can take help from Gmail Password Recovery Phone Number. They will provide proper information like which is the supportive browser or your browser need up gradation or not etc.
  • If they are travelling in to a different time zone then users need to adjust the settings of location and clock settings of device too.. Complicated password should be avoided.
  • Users should take a note of the password. But they should maintain the privacy.

Thus I saved my Gmail account when I Forgot My Gmail Password. If you have any query or need some instant help then you can use Gmail Customer Care number. This number is open for 24×7 hour basis. Technicians are always reachable through this number. Old users and new users always get equal attention from them. Gmail technicians never differentiate between the old users and new users when it comes to give services. They provide customized service package based on the users’ requirement and budget. They are committed to deliver high end solutions timely. Users can depend on them really.

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