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This section of Gmail provides troubleshooting ways for the users of Gmail account who have trouble while accessing the account. If you are a user of Gmail and you come across problems like sign in problem, hacked account, blocked account, problem in sending or receiving emails or some other issues then you can resolve the issues with the help of Gmail customer care team. The professionals of the team analyze the cause of the problem and hence provide perfect solution for it. But before seeking help, you must ensure that you don’t have any hindrance in the internet connection which is used for accessing the account because if you don’t have a proper internet connection then that would cause hindrance in login as well as in sending or receiving emails.

Gmail customer care

What are the common problems?

  • Though there are numerous common problems associated with Gmail, but Gmail login problem is the most common problem. You have to first of all login in the account by using valid login details for accessing it but if you fail to do so then you will have this problem. Incorrect password and username are some of the common reasons of this problem. Sometimes, just rectifying these issues help you.
  • If the password is the issue, then you have to ensure that you are entering the correct one otherwise you can’t access the account. Due to any reason if you have lost the password then that could be recovered easily by following Gmail password recovery.
  • Another problem that is much common nowadays is the situation of a hacked account which is situation when someone else have access of your account. You find that your account has been compromised when you find there are phishing and spam emails in it. In the situation of a Gmail hacked account, you have to immediately contact the experts for recovering.
  • Now, comes the problem of sending emails. If you have a problem with sending emails, then the communication process through Gmail completely is completely obstructed. So, you will need help of Gmail customer care team who will help you to find out the reason behind the issue and hence solve it.

What are the reasons behind the problem in receiving emails?

  • Gmail mat obstruct few emails which it considers as phishing or spam. Sometimes, this feature may become a hindrance to receiving emails. This could be solved only with help of Gmail support team who will help you to understand the issue in detail.
  • The email authentication technology in the Gmail detect the address which has spoofing and phishing and that is done by verifying that domain which is sending emails. Sometimes this may be the reason for the problem and this could be prevented with help Gmail customer care team.
  • If due to any reason if the sender’s reputation is bad, then the message will be delivered in the junk mail with complaint rate. This is a situation could be solved only when technical help of Gmail customer service team is taken.
  • Generally, the emails from new IPs have deliver ability issue because they don’t have any reputation built up. This is the reason due to which sometimes they are prevented from getting delivered and this problem could be resolved only when it is proved that it is not a spam. In that situation assistance of Gmail help team could be taken.

What can you do?

  • Whenever you find that you are having trouble in receiving emails then you must, first of all, check the settings of your email account.
  • If you have a problem with sending emails, then you must read the bounce back message as a result. • In case of login problem, you must first close all the browser and then again restart the browser.
  • As we know that the websites generally store cookies and cached files on the computer, so you need to delete them time to time for speeding up the access.
  • You can deactivate extra tools and other add-ons which are installed on your browser.
  • Often the firewall or the antivirus software installed on your device may block the usage of the email account.
  • When you forget the password then you can recover the password, then you must recover it by using valid steps.


Be it the problem in the account or some other problems Gmail customer care is present round the clock to provide the best troubleshooting measures. The team has best professionals who are highly skilled in handling the issues that appear in the duration of usage of Gmail account. Beside that our team also help you irrespective of the time as they are present round to clock to help you. Moreover, they are trained time to time so that they are kept updated with all the key modern tools and techniques.