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Usually, when you have login problem the main cause of the problem is password as it is the most vital component so if there is a slight error in it then you can’t access the account. There are chances that you have forgotten the password when you are accessing it after a long period of time or there are even chances that you are entering the valid password but in different case. Sometimes the problem of the password may arise when your account has been hacked by someone and hacker changed the password as the password is changed so even if you enter the password that you know as valid it is the previous password of the account. There is one way to overcome all these situations that is Gmail password recovery. The recovery process has certain steps that you have to be follow in a proper way. If you have a problem following these steps, then you can take help of professionals who are present there to provide you proper guidance.

Gmail password recovery

The process of resetting password

Gmail can’t provide you, your old password that means you can’t have get back the exact password that you have set earlier. You can reset the password of the account.  There are three ways of having Gmail password recovery. One is by answering the security questions that you have set up while signing up for the very first time. The other method is receiving the temporary password in your secondary email address or the phone number that you have linked up with your account. You can also choose to receive all the recovery steps in the secondary email account linked up to your account. You must always ensure that you use a strong password so that it is not easy for anyone to guess or crack. As that reduces that chances of Gmail hacked account.

How to use security questions for resetting the password?

  • You have to open the web browser and then go to the Forgot page. There you have to click on the password option and suppose you can’t find the page then you have to contact Gmail support team who would help you to find the steps as well as proceed with other steps.
  • After you find the password option, you have to type your email address and then you will be asked to type the last name and then, you have to click on continue button. This will take you to further steps of recovery.
  • Now, you will find a page where you have to select ‘I’ll answer my security questions’ option. Now, you will find the questions that you have registered to your account earlier. You have to answer those security questions. If you can’t find any security questions, then you must immediately consult Gmail customer service team for further guidance.
  • Suppose you can’t remember the answers to those questions, or you can’t recognize those questions then you have to click on the back button and click on ‘send me a temporary password’ verification method, another method of Gmail password recovery.

Things to Remember While Recovering Your Password

  • You are eligible for this method only if you have registered a mobile number or an alternative email address for recovering the password. After that, you have to click on continue button for proceeding with the steps.
  • If you have registered an email address or phone number, then you can continue with the steps of the method of temporary password. In that case you will find a screen which will allow you to enter a new password and the verify it. If you have any problem, then you can call in Gmail help number for assistance.
  • Finally, you have to proceed and type your new password in the new password box and then you have to retype it for confirming it and then you have to click on continue button for completing the process. Gmail customer care team is always beside you to provide you relevant support throughout the steps.

What You Need to Do After Recovering Password

After you have followed all the above-mentioned steps correctly then you will find a screen where it is mentioned that you have successfully reset the password. You must ensure that you wait for some time before trying to log in again, if possible you can restart your device. If you again face Gmail login problem, then you must immediately contact the support team. Before availing support, you must ensure that you are having internet connection and after resetting the password you must try to login after few minutes as it takes for the new password to become active. If you are able to login to the account by using the new password that means you were successful in the process of Gmail password recovery. If you are unsuccessful in the process, then there is nothing to worry about as our team is always beside you.