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Gmail is the first taste of anyone who wishes to have flawless communication through emails. Over years users using Gmail service have increased tremendously. The features present in it has made it one of the best email service available in the market today. While using the email service if by chance you find that there is some problem in it then you have to consult Gmail support team for availing the service for resolving all such issues.

When you find that there is some technical problem in it then it becomes an issue to worry as your communication through the email service comes to a halt. Whenever you come across any such situation without getting stressed you must take assistance of Gmail help team. They have answer of all your queries. The executives of the team help you in all such cases as the experts who are working in our company have years of experience in providing technical support for such cases.

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How to solve problem of login?

Login is the process by which you can access the Gmail account. Wherever you find that you have forgotten the password then you will face Gmail login problem. In case you find that the the page is not opening then that means that you can’t access the account. In that situation you will have to analyze the cause of the problem and then take relevant step for resolving it. You can even contact our team for proper support in this situation.

Generally, when you may have problem in loading the login page of the account then you face login problem. You can solve this problem very easily if you check whether you are entering the valid username and password and that too in correct case. If you contact the Gmail support team they will surely solve the issue but before contacting them, you should check the internet connection because sometimes the problem might be caused due to poor internet connection whereas often the problem is caused because the browser that you are using might not support Gmail account.

How to resolve the issue of hacked account?

If you find some unusual activity in your account or there is something suspicious in it then you should understand that the account has been hacked and the only way to get rid of Gmail hacked account is recovering it back. You should reset the password of the account so that the hacker is not able to access the account again.

In order to recover the account, you will have to first of all change the password. For further securing the account you must set a strong password which must be a combination of alphabets, numeric values and special character. It is tough to hack such password. In case you need any further advice then that could be taken from experts of support team by dialing Gmail customer care number. Further, you will have to take the advice of the team who will help you to recover your account as well as will make sure that your information is not misused by the hacker.

How to recover the blocked account?

There may be a situation when account is blocked or closed down. There are mainly two causes due to which your account is blocked. One common cause of the blocked account is that you have left the account inactive for years and later when you tried to access it you are unable to login. Another possible reason of this problem is that you try to login by using wrong credential multiple times then the account gets blocked automatically. Once the account is blocked you have to contact Gmail support team for recovering as there is no other way to recover the account.

In order to prevent the situation of blocked account you have to make sure that the account is not kept attended for a long period of time and if once it is found that you have forgotten the details then stop trying again and again. You can avail help of Gmail customer service team for any further support.

How to recover the password?

As password is an essential component so whenever you find that you have forgotten the password of the account you will have to recover it by following the Gmail password recovery steps. If any guidance is required in this process, then you can contact the support team. Once you get back the password you can again access the account freely.

There are three ways by which you can get back the password. The first and foremost way is answering the security question that you have set while login up in the account. If you have forgotten the answer of those questions, then you have to contact Gmail support team for understanding other ways of recovering the password.