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There is no fixed time to face problem during using Hotmail account. That’s why Hotmail technicians are always ready to deal with those problems. They arrange Hotmail customer care team who never stop interacting after providing solutions. They keep giving advice to the users. Some users hesitate to take the challenges so they depend on the technicians from the beginning. Some users try to fix the things by their own but stuck in the middle of something. That’s why dependency of Hotmail professional team is always been a good decision. Hotmail technical team is full of enthusiastic people who dedicated themselves in helping the Hotmail users. Some users even don’t know how to create mail or how to delete old mails- these problems can solved by the technicians completely, if the users contact with them timely.

Hotmail customer care

Hotmail customer care team has different strategy to deal with password related problem

Hotmail customer care team can read the users’ mind always. So they set a different team of experts who are known as Hotmail technical support team. This team helps those users to learn how to differentiate between Hotmail password forgotten problem and hacked account problem. They train the users how to solve these types of problem within a short time span. Whenever the users face Hotmail login problem, they can dial Hotmail login problem number without spending a single bucks. Then technicians will ask them in which way they will prefer to receive the verification code, through message or through mail or through phone call. Hotmail technicians advice if the users find out that they have lost control of own account completely then they must follow password recovery methods. This method is discussed below-

  • Hotmail technicians always advice the users that they should visit the authorised Hotmail website. If they are unable to find out then they can dial Hotmail password recovery number.
  • After that, they will be instructed to click on the box ‘’can’t access my account’’.
  • Then, users will be instructed to click on ‘’reset your password’’. Here they can consult with Hotmail customer care.
  • Then, users have to mention that email id which bothers them a lot .Then users need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that they have to type the ‘’Captcha’’. Hotmail technical team warn them during typing the captcha. Users need to type the captcha very carefully otherwise if they type wrongly, then it will start to appear repeatedly until the users type this correctly.
  • Hotmail technicians know sometimes, users don’t understand or failed to read the captcha. That’s why they suggest to listen the captcha .Audio option is available for them.
  • After that, users need to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’.
  • After that, users will see a ‘’recover your Microsoft account’ ’option, where they are instructed to mention alternative email id. They can dial Hotmail hacked account recovery number to clear their doubts.
  • Then ‘’account info’’ page appears and users have to provide some information (related to account) and finally users can click on the ‘’submit’’ option. Thus users can come out from Hotmail access problem. Hotmail customer service team is always there to help them out.

How to protect account from hackers-

Some users got scared whenever they are going through hacking problem. To know their situation, Hotmail customer care team say if the users follow some strict guidelines then they won’t have to take help from them so frequently. These guidelines are discussed below-

  • Users should stay away from viruses. If they don’t do so, then their computer or mobile is infected by any virus and Trojan then which has managed to get his or her account password and transfer that password to the hacker. If the users once clicked on a harmful link in any email and then he or she got attacked by hackers.
  • Users should not share their password with anyone. If the users shared their password to unknown person (to whom they believe as a reliable person) and that person can use that password to access their account for misuse.
  • If the users gave reply of some unknown lucrative mails (winning prizes lottery) or sometimes they got some fake mail that their hotmail account is blocked and users need to provide all personal details and password .If they do so then will face hotmail account hacked issue.
  • If the users are not using any strong antivirus, then there will be higher chance to become hacked.
  • Users should check the location, browser, time settings regularly. If they find any sudden change in those settings (which they did not do) then they should contact with hotmail professional

Hotmail customer care team are always ready to give their 100% effort. They work for 24×7 hour basis. Technicians can dial Hotmail helpline number which is toll free. There is no call drop issue. Users can continue a long conversation without any hesitation.