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Proper email services are necessary if you want to enjoy the communication through it. In this modern generation, email has become the most advanced and cheapest form of communication and Hotmail is that email service which is preferred by huge portion of population across the world.But there are always some issues which prevent you from using the extensive features. For using these services without any hindrance you should make sure all the issues are resolved as soon as you face them with the help of Hotmail customer service team.They have ability to solve all the issues within short time interval. They always use modern technical tools to solve the issue so it is definite that you will get the result instantly.

Hotmail Customer Service


  • When you find that the information inputted by you in the login page is continuously showing invalid that means you are having Hotmail login problem. You may be curious to know the main reason of the problem so that you solve the problem our team helps you to find the same.
  • There will be a breakage in this communication process if you find that you are not able to send emails. When you are unable to send emails at the same time you will receive a bounce back message which contains the reason if you have problem in interpreting the message then take help of Hotmail customer service
  • There are many small features which may create problem for you. The most common issue is the problem in attaching files in the compose mail or problem in finding the email attachments that you have received. Our team guides you through the steps so that you can understand the steps completely and you don’t need assistance next time.
  • Configuring the email account is essential especially if you have downloaded it again on your device when you have any problemthen Hotmail customer service team will not only configure it but it also ensures that you are able to do it next time by yourself.
  • When you find that you have forgotten the password as you have reset it due to the notification that you have received then you have to follow Hotmail password recovery steps for recovering it back. You have to follow these steps even when you have multiple accounts, then also there is a chance that you get confused between of different accounts.


Hotmail customer service team helps you when you need help for setting email rules, notifications and filters. They also you the process in which the settings are done so that you are able to do the settings properly in future. Our team has expert technicians who are eligible to resolve all your issues. But there are few things that you have to take care while accessing your account.  Suppose you are unable to login then you should not assume that you are having the problem in the Hotmail only the problem may lie with your internet connection.

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