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Hotmail users usually protect their account. But sometimes their all efforts go in vain as their account becomes hacked. Nowadays, it is a very common problem all over the world. But users should not worry about it. They should deal with this problem with the proper method. Hotmail password recovery team is always available for them through Hotmail password recovery number. This number always allows the users to have an uninterrupted conversation with the technical team. Technicians are very much concerned about the users’ account security. So they give various ideas. They always research about the latest technologies. They give exact solutions to the users according to their requirement.

Hotmail password recovery number

Hotmail technical support team research a lot so that users can have the latest methods to deal with their problems. Different users have different problems. But technicians have all types of solutions. They advice whenever they users feel that someone else is using their account or failed to access they just need to dial Hotmail hacked account recovery number. They say users need to visit the original website first. After that, they will be instructed to click on the box ‘’Can’t access my account’’. Then, users will be instructed to click on ‘’reset your password’’. Then, users have to mention that email id which bothers them a lot (specifically that particular blocked account). Then users need to type the ‘’next’’ option and after that they have to type the ‘’Captcha’’. Hotmail technical team warn them during typing the captcha. This captcha word needs some special attention from the users. If the users type incorrectly, it will start displaying with different captcha word which will take lots of time to go the next step. Hotmail technicians know sometimes, users don’t understand or failed to read the captcha. That’s why they suggest listening to the captcha. Audio option is available for them. After that, users need to click ‘’I can’t use any of these options’’. If they are unable to do this step confidently, they can contact with Hotmail support team. After that, users will see a ‘’recover your Microsoft account’ ’option, where they are instructed to mention alternative email id. Then ‘’account info’’ page appears and users have to provide some information (related to account) and finally users can click on the ‘’submit’’ option.

How to change Hotmail password if anyone fails to recall

Hotmail password reset number is very helpful before following any method. Users can confirm their account is hacked in real or not or they are unable to recall the password by using Hotmail password recovery number. Technicians ask them different questions. – have they changed their email settings recently? If the users answer them ‘’no’’, then technicians advice to go for password changing method without any mistake. This method is discussed below-

  • At first, users are instructed to open the authorised website of Hotmail.
  • After that, they need to take an attempt for the sign in for that particular account.
  • Next, users need to click on the ‘’settings’’ option.
  • In settings option, users need to click on the ‘’accounts and import’’ option.
  • After that, users have to click on ‘’change password’’.
  • Next step is, users have to mention the current password. If they want to clarify something they can dialHotmail password recovery number.
  • Then, users need to create a new password. Users have to create a strong password so that no one can able to hack this.
  • For the reconfirmation about the correctness of the password, users need to type the new password again. It helps them to rectify the wrongly typed password.

How to avoid Hotmail login problem?

Hotmail login problem creates a huge mess in users’ life. Through Hotmail password recovery number, technicians give them so many advice. That’s why users need to follow some criteria strictly.

  • Users should not click on a harmful link in any email and then he or she got attacked by hackers.
  • If users’ computer or mobile is infected by any virus and Trojan then which has managed to get his or her account password and transfer that password to the hacker.
  • Users should not share their password to an unknown person (to whom they believe as a reliable person). If they do this, that person will use that password to access their account for misuse.
  • Users should not give reply of some unknown lucrative mails (winning prizes lottery) or sometimes they got some fake mail that their Hotmail account is blocked and users need to provide all personal details and password. If they did so they will face Hotmail account hacked issue.
  • Users should use any strong antivirus, and then there will be a higher chance to become hacked.

Hotmail customer care team is always available for users who seek urgent assistance. They can dial Hotmail helpline number. Hotmail password recovery number is open for them too. Both numbers are toll-free. Users won’t have to pay from their pocket. Technicians are workaholic. They are active for 24×7 hour basis.