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Today, email is a necessity for all of us. We can’t think of a day without using emails. It is used for getting in touch with friends and colleagues. It helps you to keep yourself updated with all the latest news. And most importantly, you are able to manage all your work using it. Imaging workplace without emails is near about impossible. Gmail is one of the most preferred ones and eases out most of our work by incorporating numerous interesting features. Currently, lots of major improvements have been made in Gmail. If you are using G suite and you need guidance for understanding the new features, then you can take help of the G Suite Customer Service team. They will help you to learn and use all the features of Gmail.

G Suite Customer Service

Functionality Of New Gmail

The new features made it easily accessible on other apps that you use like Google calendar, tasks, etc. These are also available on Android as well as iOS. It also reminds you to follow up and respond to messages with reminders. This facility is available next to email messages so that you are sure that you miss out nothing such. The G Suite Support helps you to understand it if you have a problem understanding how to set up a reminder in the email messages. Then comes the smart reply, this enables you to reply faster to the messages.

Whereas if you are using Gmail on mobile then there are many new features that are going to help you. There are high priority notifications which notify you about any important messages so that you stay there without any interruption. Along with that, Gmail has started suggesting when to unsubscribe from newsletters or offers. Usually, these are such newsletters that you no longer care about. If you want to know more about this facility, then you can give a call in Gmail Helpline number. If you are currently using Gmail, then you might get warnings. These warning messages are for warning you when any potentially risky emails come in your inbox. Thus, it could be said new Gmail even protects you from frauds.

How Does G Suite Customer Service Ease Your Work?

Finally, Gmail allows to provide you the opportunity to remove the option to forward, download, copy or print messages. When you are sending some sensitive information then this feature is quite useful. Suppose you are emailing tax return or social security number then you can use this features. This will make the message expire after a period of time so that you have control over the information. The G Suite Customer Service team helps you to understand all the features and then apply them in your daily work life. You can start using these updates by just going to settings and selecting ‘Try the new Gmail’. In case you don’t want to use the new features then you have the option to go back to the classic Gmail.

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