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Every email user expects a flawless email service and instant assistance from their email service provider. Gmail service providers just do the same thing. They always give instant help. Among all email account related problems- email login problems is deadliest issue. So users need to change password very often. When it comes to Gmail users, they need to Change Gmail Password too. And then they seek assistance from the technicians while they stuck anywhere. In these days no one wants to change email account frequently. Instead they prefer to recover the password and start using of it again. There are different types of Gmail login problems occur. Only expert can figure out the actual reason and provide solutions accordingly.

Change Gmail Password

Gmail service providers are always concerned about the users’ safety. So they never waste time whenever the users complain about account login problem. They divided all problems mainly into 3 categories like when-

  • the users want to Change Gmail Password on failure of recalling the password.
  •  They want to Change Gmail Password as they suspect someone else is using their account.
  •  They want to Change Gmail Password despite of knowing the password and username they failed to access of it. (Settings problem or browser problem).If the users face Gmail login problem due to settings related or browser related issue, then they need to follow some simple procedures. With the help of Gmail Support Number users can solve this type of login related problem.

Gmail technicians always advice the users when all types of tricks failed to work then password recovery method will be the only option.

Check Out The Gmail Password Recovery Method When The Users Forgot The Password

  • Firstly, users need to open the authorized website of Gmail.
  • Then, they need to take attempt for the sign in for that particular account.
  • Next, users are need to click on the ‘’settings’’ option.
  • In settings option users need to click on the ‘’accounts and import’’ option.
  • After that, users have to click on ‘’change password’’.
  • Next step is, users have to mention the current password. But they forgot Gmail password. So they can discuss with the experts about creating the new one.
  • Then, users need to create a new password. Users have to create a strong password so that no one can able to hack this.
  • For the reconfirmation about the correctness of the password, users need to type the new password again. It helps them to rectify the wrongly typed password.

Check Out How Users Can Change Gmail Password through Password Recovery Method When They Face Hacking Problem

  • Firstly, users need to go to the website of Gmail services.
  • Then users need to click on the ‘’can’t access’’ account option.
  • Next users need to click on ‘’reset password’’ option.
  • Then users can mention the blocked email id and type the captcha (users have to be careful during typing captcha).
  • Then, users can click on Next button. If users face any trouble then users can dial Gmail hacked account recovery number and consult with the technical team.
  • Users also need to click on the option ‘’ I can’t use any of these options. Then users Gmail account will display. Then users need to mention the alternative email id and then users can click on ‘’next’’.
  • Users’ account page will appear. Then users require to fill the boxes and click on the ‘’submit’’ button finally.

Above mentioned password recovery method is necessary for those who use laptop and desktop. But people want to Change Gmail Password for their android device too as numbers of using smart phone are increasing day by day.

Change Gmail Password on Your Android Phone

  • Firstly, users need to log in the Gmail page from android phone.
  • Then they need to tap on ‘’need helpline’’ which is marked as blue color.
  • After that, users need go to the Google account password recovery page which contains 3 main options for solving particular 3 problems.
  • Then, users require to choose ‘’I don’t know my password’’ option.
  • After that, users need to tap on ‘’continue’’ option.
  • Then, users require to fill the ‘’captcha’’ form. Users need to fill twice to prove that they are not robot.
  • Then, users need to type the last remembered password on the next step.
  • After that, users will have some options to choose the way of password recovery. Users can use alternative email address or phone number. If they are confused to decide then they can consult with the technicians by dialing Gmail Password Recovery Phone Number.
  • On the next step, users will be instructed to fill the verification code which they have received in their alternative email address or phone number (as SMS).
  • Then, users will be notified with the message that they can reset the password in their android phone.

Users have to keep an eye on their account after recovering password-

Gmail technicians keep telling that users need to be careful about their account security. They emphasize on the strength of the password as they know that most of the users use their date of birth or nickname which is very common and easy to guess. Users can feel free to contact them.

So users should be scared if they want to Change Gmail Password for different device or for different reason. Technicians are always there to help them out as they are active for 24×7 hours.

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